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The Dictator (2012)

The Dictator is Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest comedy, this time a scripted film, unlike the megahit Borat and the lesser hit Bruno. The Dictator loosely tells the story of Saddam Hussein’s life, and the little known, but still true, fact that Saddam wrote romance novels under a pen name. Seriously. Holy guacamole.

The movie is said to be a blend of Saddam’s life and one of his romance novels, “Zabibah and The King.” The novel tells the tale of a king who loves his country and falls in love with a beautiful girl who is raped by her husband repeatedly. The book is an allegory for Iraq and the United States, with the US being the rapist. The US? Rapist? Maybe Canada, but not the US. We always get consent. Unless she’s asleep, in which case we take silence as a form of consent. That’s legal, right?

How awesome is it that Saddam Hussein wrote this garbage? Plus, Sacha Baron Cohen kinda looks like him, at least with the mustache and Borat getup. I can’t wait. It’s too bad we can’t put him in charge of Iraq and let him make a documentary style film like Borat, only with real people dying.

The Dictator

The Dictator will be directed by Cohen’s longtime partner in crime, Larry Charles, who directed Borat and Bruno. Charles is clearly funny, although it may be difficult for him to make a regular film like The Dictator, as most of his work is in the documentary format, with his other main film work being Religulous, which was that Bill Maher anti-religion film. He has directed some Curb Your Enthusiasm though, and he worked for years on Seinfeld.

The Dictator Trailer

Movie Release Date

May 11, 2012.


Who’s In It?

Only Sacha Baron Cohen has been cast as of now.

What’s Good About It?

The concept seems almost too good to be true. Perhaps it is. Maybe I’m making this up.

But I’m not!

What’s Bad About It?

While Borat was hilarious (at least until every moron had to keep quoting it until it wasn’t funny) Bruno was far less humorous, and Sacha Baron Cohen hasn’t proven to be very funny in regular, scripted comedy. He’s awesome at interviews and Da Ali G Show style of comedy, but Talladega Nights? Uh-oh.

Our Clever Prediction

The Dictator sounds absolutely hilarious. Hopefully the writing is on par with the concept. If it is, then the film will make a ton of money. Clearly, the studio knows this, since they’re putting it out in early May, which is the beginning of the summer movie season, when action films are traditionally commonplace. I see big money in The Dictator’s future.