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That’s My Boy (2012)

That’s My Boy is a return to R rated comedy for star Adam Sandler, who plays a man in need of case when the IRS comes calling.

Sandler is a guy who slept with his teacher when he was in high school. She got pregnant and they had a son. Being a rapist, she was thrown in jail. Don’t worry, she’ll be played by Susan Sarandon’s super hot daughter, so it’s not as rapey as it sounds.

Anyways, this thirteen year old tries to raise his son, does a crappy job (imagine that!) and when the kid turns 18 he leaves home. The father doesn’t see him again for years, at least until he sees a wedding announcement in the newspaper. The father is having some money problems though, and needs cash. Fortunately, his son turned out to be intelligent, and is a hedge fund manager.

So the father pretends he’s a good dad, probably learns a lesson along the way, and hopefully is shot in the balls.

That’s My Boy

Sean Anders and John Morris are directing That’s My Boy. They’re the team behind Sex Drive, and they’ve written a few other decent films like Hot Tub Time Machine and She’s Out of My League, but they’ve yet to do anything spectacular. (And this probably won’t be it.) Although, I’m a big fan of She’s Out Of My League, so this film has a small chance of not shitting the bed… a very small chance.

That’s My Boy Trailer

That’s My Boy Release Date

June 15, 2012.


Who’s In It?

Adam Sandler,James Caan,Leighton Meester,Susan Sarandon ,Milo Ventimiglia,Nick Swardson,Andy Samberg

What’s Good About It?

I guess it’s nice to see Adam Sandler doing an adult comedy.

What’s Bad About It?

But it’s never really nice to see Adam Sandler. Seriously, if I was at a grocery store and he was there, I’d try to avoid making eye contact with HIM.

Our Clever Prediction

Let’s be honest. There are some stupid people in this world. People who like watching golf on TV. People who play the harpsichord. Canadians.

So there are going to be people who will see That’s My Boy. In fact, there will be people who SWEAR it’s funny. And this is a good thing. It thins the herd of potential mates. It’s like going to a college and you can tell immediately on a Friday night who the slutty chicks are. (do they kinda look like Snooki? There it is)

So That’s My Boy will probably do halfway decent numbers, but I think people, even the really dumb ones, are getting tired of Adam Sandler. Maybe this will tank. Fingers are crossed.

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  1. Dudley 'Booger' Dawson

    So it’s another version of Big Daddy, nothing really new here.