Godzilla (2014) – A new Godzilla Movie!

Godzilla, the fire-breathing behemoth that loves to terrorize our movie theaters every decade, will make a return in 2014. Originally slated for 2012, the fire breathing lizard has had it’s movie release pushed back a couple years, for one reason or another. While we are thrilled with the possibility of another Godzilla remake, we are also somewhat skeptical of the choices Legendary Pictures will make when choosing a director. Originally the new Godzilla move was supposed to be a 2012 release, but it has been pushed back to 2014 for now.

Also, it appears the new Godzilla Movie will be in 3D. Ok, I won’t be negative on this, Godzilla could be great in 3D.

Borenstein is the new screenwriter for the Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla project.  Goyer is now out of the project for some reason, so this could be bad for the new Godzilla movie!

Toho’s GODZILLA franchise boasts one of the most widely recognized film creatures worldwide, resulting in a series of books, television programs, video games and more than 25 films worldwide. Legendary intends to approach the film and its characters in the most authentic manner possible. The company will, in the near future, announce a filmmaker to helm the film for an intended 2014 release. The film will fall under the company’s co-production and co-financing deal with Warner Bros. Toho will distribute the film in Japan.

Key Points about this upcoming Godzilla film :
* 2014 remains a target release for the film
* The project is being developed with IMAX 3D
* The film will pay homage to the original character.
* No more “iguana-like character laying eggs.”
* It will be brought into the 21st century.
* This Godzilla head has no connection to the new film.
* There will be another “monster or monsters that Godzilla will fight,
* Godzilla will be a CGI character in a live-action film.

As a fan of Godzilla, I am thrilled they are taking a serious approach to this classic.

Interesting Factoids

I have a Godzilla toy with a shooting fist, I have had it for 34 years! Check this out, bitches.


Godzilla Release Date

Godzilla starts hitting theaters May 15, 2014

Why you care

The legendary monster is due for a relaunching of its career.

Godzilla 2014 Trailer

Who’s In It?

Godzilla! Lots of people dying.

Our Clever Prediction

Godzilla is always a draw, even when a shitty Roland Emmerich puts his enormous stain on it. However, there is no chance they will offer the movie to Emmerich this time around, so that bolds well for the movie.

We can only hope it is in 3-D , and he battles Mothra.

[schema type=”movie” url=”starseeker.com” name=”Godzilla 2014 Movie Preview” description=”Godzilla ‘2014’ Movie Preview, downloads pictures and rating.” director=”Gareth Edwards” actor_1=”Bryan Cranston, Ken Watanabe,Elizabeth Olsen” ]


  1. allen

    October 18, 2010 at 7:03 pm

    I HAVE ENJOYED Watching gadzilla movies for a long time on tv and hope to the see them on syfy this halloween and may be n due a marathon new years night this year and those i hope to see are godzilla destory all monsters- godzilla vs king kong plus the rest of godzilla movies thank you allen time 9.02pm 10-18-2010

  2. Nick Caz

    September 25, 2010 at 5:01 pm

    I’m 18 and I’ve been watching Godzilla movies since I was 3 years old. I remember when I saw my very first Godzilla movie, where, and with whom, and I remember when I bought my first Godzilla movie, where, and with whom. Godzilla was my heart and soul for years, and even as I continue to grow and move on to other things, Godzilla has continued to hold a special place in my heart and likely always will. This movie contains in it the hopes and dream of every Godzilla fan that exists, and if it turns out as well as we think it will, it will likely revolutionize Godzilla history. From a kid who has grown from loving Godzilla since he was an infant to when he’s beginning college, I hope that Legendary Pictures knocks the socks off of all of us with the greatest Godzilla film in history.

  3. Kenneth Wayne Hunt

    September 24, 2010 at 10:35 am

    Godzilla My Favorite Monster Of All Time. And I Will Be The First One To Pre-Order My Ticket. I Can’t Wait. OMG!!!!!!! My King Of All Monsters Is Back. And More Monsters. Thanks Legendary Pictures To Hook This Up. Oh Yea!!!!!! I am The Real True Godzilla Fan In Monroe,Louisiana.


    September 19, 2010 at 11:37 am

    I would like to say this to:

    Mr. James Cameron,

    Over 40 + years ago, after you watched Godzilla vs. King Kong, you said you could make that movie even better. Well, I do hope you still have that in mind cause after seeing what you have done with Avatar, and bringing this new 3D visual affect technology, I am sitting here being royally hopeful about that. — I am really hoping to see a Godzilla movie unlike no other.

    The Godzilla 1998 movie was a story for kids, not really for grown-ups. It would be nice to see a movie that can scare the living crap out of all of us, but still keep us in awe. The movies Cloverfield and The Mist were interesting, but they didn’t impress me much (not enough big monster stuff). I am looking for a Godzilla movie that would see the Cloverfield monster as chicken food, – and well done.

    The Mist had an interesting way it introduced them creatures into our planet, but maybe another possible way is by having a sizeable alien ship/s caring a hefty load of rare giant creatures, but then something went wrong – forcing the ship/s to crash land onto Earth.

    Mr. Cameron, there is very little that I can see the movie industry – can come out with in the coming years, — but perhaps a monster movie unlike no other may be just what is needed to kick start further imagination: you know, to be the muse for others.

    In short, I like your storytelling and hope you can come up with a scary one. And the way you use the visual affects to help the viewer see the world environment as it is meant to be seen, well overall it’s totally awesome. I guess you can say I am a fan, of some sort. I would also prefer for the Godzilla movie not focus too much on the actors, but perhaps show a cast load of people all in fearful for their lives, also having the military look and feel pitiful.

    Mr. Cameron, a new Godzilla movie is coming out soon, and I hope to see your name on it along with it. This mega monster needs an epic movie and I believe in you abilities. So bring havoc onto the screen like never before (rated – R).

  5. Christine San George

    September 8, 2010 at 4:28 am



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