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Get Smart 2 (2012)

Get Smart 2 follows the continuing tale of Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 as they spoof James Bond movies.

The film received a green light after the success of the original, but the film has been postponed for the last two years by Warner Bros. Star Steve Carell has seen a draft of the script, and he is on board for the film, so it should start production sometime in the near future.

Who’s It For?

It should go PG-13 like the first.

Get Smart 2 Movie Release Date


Who’s In It?

Anne Hathaway … Agent 99
Steve Carell … Maxwell Smart
Alan Arkin … The Chief

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What’s Good About It?

Get Smart 2 still has Steve Carell’s talent and Anne Hathaway’s hotness going for it.

What’s Bad About It?

the first was a fairly by-the-numbers affair, and the second may completely run out ideas.

Our Clever Prediction

Halfway through the film most of the audience will realize that they are in the wrong theater and leave. The remainder will be treated to pure comedic gold, when the projector breaks and 40 Year Old Virgin starts playing.