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Bullet in the Head (2012)

The film formerly known as Headshot, but as of this writing is untitled, is an action thriller starring Sly Stallone. I wish my nickname was Sly. I just have to live with Banana Hammock. Nuts. Anyways, it MAY now be called Bullet to the Head, which is the latest title I can find, so I’m going with it, but the film is about a cop and a hitman joining forces after watching their families die. Oh, and it also stars KAHL DROGO!!!!!!!!!!!

Bullet to the Head

Walter Hill is directing. Hill is a long time Hollywood player (PLAYA!!!) whose credits include directing/writing films like The Warriors, 48 Hrs, Aliens, The Getaway, Last Man Standing, and a bunch of other films. Yeah, I’m too lazy to list them all. Shut it.

Bullet to the Head Trailer

Who’s In It?

Jason Momoa … Keegan
Sylvester Stallone … Jimmy Bobo
Sarah Shahi … Sheyla
Sung Kang
Weronika Rosati … Lola
Zurab Matcharashvili … Cameron Lester

What’s Good About It?

Rambo and Kalh Drogo? Yeah. It’s gonna be awesome.

What’s Bad About It?


Our Clever Prediction

Yesterday I said God Behaving Badly will make a couple trillion dollars. But that film didn’t have Kahl Drogo. This film DOES have Kahl Drogo. Guess which film will be more badass. (hint: it’s the film WITH Kahl Drogo)