Nick and Norah’s Playlist

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist preview and downloads for Oct 2008.

The Scoop :

Michael Cera and Kat Dennings star in this coming of age film Oct 2008. It’s been three weeks, 2 days, and 23 hours since Tris broke up with Nick. And now here she is at his gig, with a new guy. How could she have moved on so fast???

Nick, in a desperate attempt to show her he’s moved on too, turns to the girl next to him and asks her to be his 5 minute girlfriend. This begins the night of Nick, Norah and manhattan. The night of stripping nuns, hotel ice rooms, russian food, psychotically jewish ex boyfriends and lovingly trashy ex girlfriends. It’s the night of Julio and Salvatore. The night of holding hands and writing songs and singing in the rain. It’s a night they’ll never forget.

Kat Dennings is all grown up since her role as emotional teenager “Marla” in “The 40 Year Old Virgin ” and looking to nail down her first leading role. Michael Cera is rounding out his final films as an innocent teenager.

Starring :

Michael Cera {Juno / Superbad / Confessions of a Dangerous Mind}, Kat Dennings { The 40 Year Old Virgin / Charlie Bartlett / The House Bunny}, Alexis Dziena { Fool’s Gold / Broken Flowers / Wonderland}

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