127 Hours Movie Preview (2010)


127 Hours is Danny Boyle’s latest film, which follows a rock climber’s harrowing experience after an accident.

Aron Ralston is a mountain climber whose arm becomes trapped by a fallen rock during a solo climb in Utah. With no one who knows where he is, Ralston has to try to escape or call for help in any way he can, even if it means cutting off part of his own arm.


The Scoop

127 Hours is Danny Boyle’s follow up to his Oscar winning film Slumdog Millionaire, so there are great expectations for the film. The screenplay was co-written by Boyle with his Slumdog writing partner Simon Beaufoy, so there is definitely high expectations to recreate the magic of their previous effort.

Interestingly, Boyle’s followup is not a big budget project, but rather a smaller film about the psychological effect that being trapped on a mountain with potential death looming over head.

Who’s It For?


Movie Release Date

November 5, 2010.

Who’s In It?

James Franco … Aron Ralston
Clémence Poésy
Kate Mara … Christie
Lizzy Caplan … Sonja
Amber Tamblyn … Megan
Treat Williams … Aron’s Dad
Kate Burton … Mrs. Ralston

Interesting Fact

Based on the true story of Aron Ralston, who wrote a book about his experiences called ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place.’

Related Movies

Slumdog Millionaire, The Edge, Open Water

What’s Good About It?

Franco is a surprisingly good actor, and Boyle doesn’t really miss. I expect some great things from 127 Hours.

What’s Bad About It?

The trailer shows some scenes of Ralston using his own camera to tell parts of the story, while I don’t expect the whole film to be shot this way, I worry that it’ll be overdone and boring.

Our Clever Prediction

I bet it’ll be at least 2.65 times better than 48 Hours, although nowhere near as good as Seven Years in Tibet.

No doubt there will be some award love for the film, possibly for Franco, as he is the sole focus of the film.

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