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Welcome to Greens & Grains, the Ohio family-owned grocery store where the greens and grains can’t compete with the flakes running the place. The new manager is Leslie Pool, who has returned to his hometown to run the store bequeathed to him by his father. His staff includes Carl, a sweet-natured stock boy; Yolanda, the produce manager; Buck, the bagger, who is attending night school in pursuit of loftier career goals; Ingrid, the mild-mannered customer service representative and Renaissance festival enthusiast; Richard, the cashier with ice-dancing dreams spinning in his head; and Todd, a butcher who yearns to become a stock-car driver.

Throwing a pall over all these hopes and dreams is the Super Value Mart just down the street. Can Greens & Grains withstand this superstore competition, or will Leslie and his staff be forced to bag it all?

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